Putnam School Celebrates Leadership Day

Apr 2, 2015

via WSAZ Newschannel 3

PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Some future leaders in Putnam County showed off their skills on Thursday.

It was "Leadership Day" at Mountainview Elementary School. It's part of "The Leader in Me" program.

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Educators Statewide See Deer Run Program in Action

Apr 1, 2015

via ThisWeekNews

Leadership is a big deal at Deer Run Elementary School.

The school last week hosted 130 teachers and administrators from throughout the state for a leadership symposium focused on the Leader in Me program adopted by the school in the fall.

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Ethan Brings Dime Drive to New School

Mar 30, 2015

via Brant News

Ethan Golden has a new school, new confidence and a whole new team of supporters.

Believe it.

The seven-year-old, sporting one of his trademark bow ties, led off the monthly Believe assembly at Ryerson Heights Elementary School last Thursday. With principal Lisa Van Leeuwen asking questions, Ethan explained to fellow students, staff, parents and grandparents in the packed gymnasium why he is collecting one million dimes for juvenile arthritis research.

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Westgate Elementary Celebrates Second Year of 'Leader in Me' Program

Mar 30, 2015

via My Edmonds News

Last week, Edmonds’ Westgate Elementary held an annual “Leader In Me Assembly” to show the Edmonds community how it is preparing the leaders of tomorrow and to celebrate important milestones the school has reached. At Westgate, preliminary results indicate disciplinary referrals are down. Students are “staying on task” for longer periods.

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Cheering on Orchard Hills Leaders

Mar 28, 2015

via Hometown Life

Orchard Hills Elementary School's Leader in Me cheer squad played a big part during its Leadership Day.

A cheerleading squad of 35 second- and third-grade girls make up the CHEERY OHS. Teacher Melissa Israel said they formed this group because "in our journey to recognize the importance of maximizing strengths, we realized that we were fortunate to have Novi's varsity cheer coach as a member of our staff!"

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Letter: School is an 'Overlooked Jewel'

Mar 28, 2015

via The Reporter

I would like to call the community’s attention to one of our overlooked “jewels” in Solano County. In fact, you will find this outstanding institution right here in Vacaville.

This overlooked ‘jewel” is none other than Eugene Padan Elementary School. On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, the community was invited to see our students shine in our second annual “Leadership Day.”

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Moraine Displays its Leadership

Mar 27, 2015

via Hometown Life

As a Light House School, Moraine Elementary School is all about the Leader in Me process, which was quite evident during its recent leadership day.

Guests from other schools paid a visit to this Northville school to gain some insight into what has made Moraine successful in implementing the Seven Habits of the Leader in Me. They had to look no further to see the results then in the students greeting them and guiding them around the school.

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Shedding the Light on Leadership

Mar 26, 2015

via Glasgow Daily Times

Highland Elementary School hosted representatives from area school districts Thursday for a Leadership Day, during which students gave tours and talked about the Leader in Me program that is in its first year at the school.

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Preparing for Leadership Day at Kurtz Elementary

Feb 25, 2015


As we inch past the 100 day mark in my first year with the Kurtz Elementary School community, the staff and students are preparing for our first Leadership Day on March 27.

As a Leader in Me school, we are focused on integrating the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People created by Stephen Covey, into our daily culture and curriculum. The staff has been trained to first integrate the 7 Habits into their own personal lives and then into the professional setting with students. They have worked diligently to teach the 7 Habits to students in an effort to help grow the leader in each and every child.

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Parents Have Glowing Review of Beaver School

Feb 25, 2015

via The Ceres Courier

Editor, Ceres Courier, We are the parents of two children who are students of Patricia K. Beaver Elementary School, in Ceres. We made the decision to have our children attend Patricia K. Beaver Elementary, a leadership school, because of the premise of the schools emphasis of the book, "The Leader in Me," written by Stephen R. Covey. Along with the Common Core curriculum, Beaver Elementary offers teachings from "The Leader in Me," which instills the seven habits from its leadership program for children of all ages. This program is geared for children to be goal oriented, prioritizing and to be a positive contributor to the world. Piloted by other schools in the country, "The Leader in Me" and the "Seven Habits of Leadership" shows how effective this program truly is and has positive potential for all the students.

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Learning by Doing

Feb 24, 2015

via Hartselle Enquirer

Public education in Alabama has taken its share of hard knocks from the national media and education critics in recent years but that doesn’t hold water when you see the pace of learning that is taking place today in Hartselle, Decatur and Morgan County classrooms.

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Moss Middle Leads Way With Dedicated Leadership Time

Feb 24, 2015

via Bowling Green Daily News

This year, through The Leader in Me, Henry Moss Middle School students are taking more active leadership roles throughout the school. While students participate in leadership roles each day, Wednesday mornings are dedicated to leadership time. Students spend time participating in leadership building activities, as well as awards and recognition for academic growth.

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Burris Named VWSD Top Administrator

Feb 13, 2015

via The Hicksburg Post

Bowmar Elementary Principal Tammy Burris has been named the Vicksburg Warren School District’s Administrator of the Year.

Tondia Ferracci, a STEM lab teacher at Bowmar, said Burris is humble, though she has achieved many great accomplishments.

Burris’ resume boasts accomplishments from the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Math and Science and the Chamber of Commerce District Teacher of the Year to the Governor’s Award of Distinction and Bowmar becoming the first Leader in Me Lighthouse School in Mississippi.

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Students Set Goals, Take on More Leadership Roles

Feb 12, 2015

via The Davis Clipper

WOODS CROSS — They were half the size and a third the age, but they were running the show.

Students at Woods Cross Elementary have been learning to be leaders since school began this year, and already there is a difference, according to Stephanie Preston, parent organizer.

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OMES to Implement The Leader in Me

Jan 21, 2015

via Shelby County Reporter

NORTH SHELBY—Oak Mountain Elementary School is taking another step to foster leadership among students. The school will officially become a “Leader in Me” school next fall, OMES Principal Debbie Horton confirmed.

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Northville Students Lead Through Community Service

Jan 16, 2015


Thornton Creek Elementary School, and Hillside and Meads Mill middle schools led by example in the past month by stepping up their community service to help out wherever they can.

The schools point to the Leader in Me initiative and International Baccalaureate program in expanding the students' community service desires and ideas.

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Leader in Me Begins at Amerman Elementary

Jan 14, 2015


Amerman Elementary School staff and students begin 2015 by looking to become stronger leaders and learners.

Implementation of the Leader in Me process has kicked off at this Northville Public School with a lot of excitement and anticipation.

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Southwark School Creates Lifelong Leaders

Jan 13, 2015

via The Philadelphia Tribune

As you walk through the hallways of Southwark School and take a look around the classrooms you’ll begin to notice a theme: hard-working students and a dedicated community of faculty, staff, administration and parents — all striving for excellence.

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Lexington-Richland Five Students Give Back to Veterans, Families in Need

Dec 27, 2014


Multiple agencies and organizations received a holiday boost this year with help from students in Lexington-Richland School District Five.

When they weren’t busy at practice or studying for tests, kids from across the district raised money and collected donations to benefit people who served their country and families in need in their local community.

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Leader in Me Program Teaches Effective Leadership to Students

Dec 21, 2014

via WCF Courier

Leader in Me is a key part of the curriculum at Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta Middle School and St. Edward School. Students participate in a variety of leadership opportunities and implement the process in the daily operation of the school.

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