Second graders visit with state legislators in Jefferson City

Feb 28, 2017


POPLAR BLUFF, MO – While most second graders are learning how to add and subtract double digits, Makayla Cantu and Sara Tolliver are discussing with their state legislature the impact The Leader in Me process has had on their school. After speaking with the legislators, Cantu and Tolliver were taken on a private tour of the capitol and even able to stand at the dais and hold the gavel. Remarking about the students, Senator Doug Libla posted on his Facebook page, “I was very impressed. Keep up the good work!”

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Burlington elementary school students explore passions on ‘Club Day’

Feb 27, 2017

My FOX 8

BURLINGTON, NC – Faculty at Burlington Elementary School know that each student has different strengths and weaknesses, and that is why they love The Leader in Me so much. As part of their process, they hold a club day each year where students can choose to join and lead dozens of various clubs depending on the student’s interests. “There’s really an eighth habit and the habit is called Find Your Voice… we want to make sure that there is a platform for all of our students to be leaders in something and so club day was born out of that.”

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Determined young man fundraises over $1,200

Feb 27, 2017

The Franklin News-Post

WITZ, VA – Most 8-year-olds are satisfied when they sell their neighbor a tub of cookie dough for a school fundraiser, but that wasn’t enough for Leader in Me student Denver Johnson. Johnson was told by his P.E. teacher their class would be raising money for “Hoops for heart,” a charity that assists children who have heart conditions. Upon receiving the packet, Johnson set a goal of raising $1,000, however, after doing a fundraiser at the local pizza parlor he was able to obtain over $1,200 for “Hoops for heart” foundation.

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Sudduth holds ninth Black History program

Feb 26, 2017

Starkville Daily News

STARKVILLE, MS – Adopting and adapting The Leader in Me for your school is not difficult. Sudduth Elementary School is evidence of that after they held their ninth annual Black History program. Teachers and students found they could incorporate the seven habits found in the process throughout the school’s presentation of Black History. “As with anything, kids follow what they’re taught,” Monica Lucas, one of the staff members who organized the program said.

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Cumberland Trace Elementary honored for leadership education

Feb 24, 2017

BG Daily News

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Achieving “Lighthouse” status as a school is a significant achievement for schools implementing FranklinCovey’s The Leader in Me process. For Cumberland Trace Elementary School achieving this milestone was a landmark not just for the school but for all of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Becoming a lighthouse school has not been an easy process, but for former principal Mary Evans it was evidence to her that implementing The Leader in Me six years ago was worth it. Since then, faculty and administration have all commented the students have been taking ownership of their own learning by setting goals and seeking to give back to the community.

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Leader in Me growing part of Cedar Valley’s school culture

Feb 23, 2017

Cedar Valley Business Monthly

WATERLOO, IA – Developing student leadership is a top priority for officials in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area. The method they have found most productive is The Leader in Me process. Matt Meyers from John Deere has seen the success and impact The Leader in Me has on young students and said, “The leadership skills they get through this program and some of the soft skills, it’s impressive. The skills that are being taught to kids are exactly what are missing in education today.”

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Clay Township students make blankets for sick children

Feb 18, 2017

The Voice

CLAY TOWNSHIP, MS – Learning to tie your shoe is a basic for any kindergartener, but for the five year olds at Millside Elementary School they are learning to tie blankets for children in hospitals across Michigan and Ohio. For many Kindergarteners that would seem like a daunting task, but not for the students at Millside who participate in The Leader in Me process. In addition to this, the students also held a spaghetti dinner and raised over $900. All of the blankets and money will go to the charity Fleece & Thank You.

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Leadership of West Feliciana Middle School on display at Grand Showcase

Feb 15, 2017

The Advocate

ST. FRANCISVILLE, LA – Teachers and administration have seen tremendous results at West Feliciana Middle School since implementing The Leader in Me. “We’re turning more and more over to the students, and they’re taking it and running with it,” Assistant Principle Nikki Milton said. Recently, parents and family members were awed as students put on a program showcasing the best of what the middle school had to offer. This program not only included dancing, singing, and acting, but it also highlighted students abilities in the STEM subjects.

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Millside students make blankets for other kids

Feb 14, 2017

Times Herald

ALGONAC, MI – As part of The Leader in Me process, Millside kindergarteners and first-graders organized an entire service project and made over 40 fleece blankets for children in hospitals across Michigan and northern Ohio. In addition to making fleece blankets, the children also hosted a spaghetti dinner and raised over $1,000. “If we can teach these kids the fundamentals of leadership at a young age, that’s a strong foundation for them to build upon,” Algonac superintendent John Strycker said. Service is one of the many ways he has seen The Leader in Me process change his students lives.

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Young PV leaders cooking up success

Feb 13, 2017

Chillicothe Gazette

BAINBRIDGE, OH – As part of The Leader in Me process fourth graders from Paint Valley Local Schools decided they wanted to feed area dignitaries dinner and entertain them for an evening. “All of the students chose to be on a committee – program, serving, cooking, decorating, and invite and thank yous,” said Principle Heather Bowles. The project took over five months to prepare but it was 100-percent student led and executed. All the planning paid off as business leaders, representatives from service organizations, and members of the school district’s administration were impressed as they watched the students prepare and present what they were learning through The Leader in Me.

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Dolby Elementary student leaders give tour of school, program

Feb 9, 2017

American Press

LAKE CHARLES, LA – Dolby Elementary school is seeing the full effects of The Leader in Me process as Dolby Elementary school students took their parents on a tour of their school demonstrating how leadership is becoming a part of their culture. What shocked the parents was how natural their children were at leading and how much fun they were having by implementing The Leader in Me process. One of the activities the students have enjoyed participating in is a mock job application. This application is for a job they can accomplish around the school. By holding a job, Dolby students gained personal insight as to how to become an effective leader. “These lessons are things that students will take with them for the rest of their lives,” Dolby Elementary School Principle Missy Bushnell said.

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Student leadership opportunities to expand in Palliser Schools

Feb 9, 2017

Lethbridge News Now

COALHURST, CANADA – Administrators and faculty are catching the vision of The Leader in Me process in Coalhurst, Canada. They know the secret to getting students to care about school programs. “You just can’t create projects and say ‘come on kids, let’s do this because it is important,” Coalhurst Elementary School Principle Christ McIntye said. “It’s important to whom? Whoever created the project.” Coalhurst administrators have noticed this as a significant difference in their students since implementing The Leader in Me process. The students are the ones planning everything and as a result they care.

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MCIS students hold drive for food bank

Feb 7, 2017

The Ledger Independent

MAYSVILLE, KY – Students at Mason County Intermediate School are using The Leader in Me process as an opportunity to help feed the hungry. “You might see someone in a nice outfit and you don’t realize that when they go home, they don’t have anything to eat,” fifth grader Joseph Hazlett said. Students recognized the problem and made a goal to have 3,000 items donated. Teachers from the school have all agreed this opportunity for service has given students the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills they have learned through The Leader in Me.

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Businesses donate to ‘Leader in Me’

Feb 2, 2017

The Journal Express

PLEASANTVILLE, IA – For CEO Pat Weiler making a donation to Pleasantville Elementary School to fund The Leader in Me was not a difficult decision. As a CEO, Weiler saw that many of the principles taught in The Leader in Me process were linked to the vision he has as a CEO and for his company. However, Weiler wasn’t the only CEO to make a considerable donation to help the students at Pleasantville fund the process. Principle Tom Roff of Pleasantville Elementary School said that other local businesses have felt similar to what Weiler felt and also made sizeable contributions that will give students the opportunity to learn principles to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Republic implements “Leader in Me” program at two elementary buildings

Feb 2, 2017


REPUBLIC, MO – The Republic School District is teaching students at a young age how to work with peers not their age. By pairing students up and assigning them to work together in The Leader in Me process, teachers have found that any student can build a good relationship with those from other grades. Paige Nicols and Kennedy Howell are one example of this. Despite their age difference, the girls found a way to work together and accomplish their tasks. “I just think that every school should do what Sweeney (their elementary school) does by doing Buddy Day and having different grades meet each other and just having more people come together and not more bullies,” Howell said.

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Teacher finds her happy place in the Vicksburg district

Feb 1, 2017

The Vicksburg Post

VICKSBURG, MS – Stephanie Dill started teaching because her passion for the student’s development. Years into her career she felt her student’s emotional and social needs were not being met. Feeling that she needed a change in her life, she moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi where she was again hired as a teacher at a school that implemented The Leader in Me, that was when it all changed for Dill. Implementing The Leader in Me process showed her how to help her students become self-reliant and gave her, as a teacher, the passion in a career she has dreamed of. “I’m still just in awe I was going to quit two years ago,” Dill said. “Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

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Kid Connection keeps kids learning

Jan 28, 2017

Hickory Daily Record

HICKORY, NC – Kid Connection, a before and after school licensed childcare program, has officially adopted The Leader in Me process. “Our goal, as we continue to evolve with The Leader in Me, is [that] the children own and operate the program,” Catawba County Community Schools Director Kirsten Maynard said. Ever since they embraced the process, Kid Connection facilitators have seen a significant difference in how the kids treat each other. In addition to this, they have seen the student’s capability in leadership increase as the students interact in positive ways.

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Elsanor School promotes ‘Happy Families’

Jan 26, 2017

Gulf Coast News Today

ELSANOR, ALThe Leader in Me isn’t just about changing schools, it’s also about strengthening family and community. That’s the experience at Elsanor. “It’s really all about parents being able to speak the same language as their kids,” Elsanor’s reading specialist Tammy Morrison said. One of the ways parents have seen this is during Leadership Day when they see their child lead an entire program involving performances, skits, and tours in front of a large crowd. Teachers themselves are amazed as they watch students entertain and communicate with large groups of adults in an engaging and entertaining fashion. Elsanor understands the process: it is all about the students.

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Why I believe in the Leader in Me program

Jan 25, 2017

The Vicksburg Post

VICKSBURG, MS – Tom Reeves, a firm believer in public education and parent of a fourth grader in Vicksburg, believes there is no comparison between schools who choose to implement The Leader in Me and those who don’t. To him, this process is what redefines public education in America. It is his hope that this process continues to go throughout public schools and that parents will see and understand the value that The Leader in Me brings to their child’s education.

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H.E. Corely Elementary students shine at Leadership Day

Jan 25, 2017

Cola Daily

COLA, SC – For many parents, the best part of The Leader in Me process is the confidence their child develops. This was the case for Suzy Hardie, and she was not alone. Suzy’s mom was able to see her daughter’s confidence in a local leadership day held in her daughter’s school. This entire day was student led as they demonstrated the leadership skills they have developed through The Leader in Me process.

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