Raleigh educator shares lessons for student success at Acadiana summit

Oct 20, 2015

The Advocate

BATON ROUGE, LA – Muriel Summers, co-author of The Leader in Me, spoke in Acadiana. She focused her talk on the importance of teacher training and inspiring educators in the room to recognize their talents so they can help their students recognize and develop their own talents. “I don’t ever want to hear you say, ‘I’m just a teacher.’ You are worth your weight in gold.”

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RIVERSIDE COUNTY: 13 programs applauded for helping students

Oct 19, 2015

The Press Enterprise

RIVERSIDE, CA – When Trevor Dietrich took over at McKinley Elementary School two years ago, he wanted to change the campus culture. The principal hoped to get kids excited about learning and boost teacher morale. He and his staff chose to implement The Leader in Me process, which has already changed the school’s climate by raising attendance and lowering suspensions, ultimately propelling the Corona campus to a regional education honor. “It’s awesome,” Dietrich said. “It’s validating that what we’re doing makes a difference for kids.”

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“Proactive Principal” leads Randolph’s Fernbrook School

Oct 14, 2015


RANDOLPH, NJ — Principal Danielle Soldivieri, dressed as the Proactive Principal, gave students high-fives and encouraged them to live their lives proactively at the first whole school meeting on October 1. Read about how Fernbrook is applying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids in their learning.

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Principal who pioneered The Leader in Me school program to speak at Educators Summit in Lafayette

Oct 12, 2015

The Advocate

BATON ROUGE, LA– The United Way of Acadiana Educators Summit on Oct. 20 will feature Muriel Summers, a principal who pioneered the use of author Franklin Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” into a leadership development program for schools. Since implementing the model, Summers’ school — A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh, North Carolina — has received several awards.

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Lancaster Co. school latest to embrace ‘The Leader in Me’ program

Oct 12, 2015

The Herald

LANCASTER, SC — After six weeks of implementing The Leader in Me at Buford Elementary, principal Andrea Ribelin is already seeing changes in student behavior. One kindergarten student made it his daily responsibility to lead a blind student to class and two second-graders resolved a conflict amongst themselves.

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Brother-sister duo creates Helping Hands initiative at elementary school

Oct 12, 2015

The Source

UTICA, MI – With a new school year, principal and the newly implemented The Leader in Me process, the Fountain kids decided to take the lead and do something for others. Reese and Max had the school supply box ready before school started so students were able to get what they needed and also donate to those who needed items. Principal Andrea Hasse said that the entire Fountain family took on the leadership mantra and truly showcased that leadership acts can be big or small.

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Power Upper El starts learning about ‘7 Habits’

Oct 8, 2015

Hometown Life

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – Power Upper Elementary school is anxious to help its students do well, not just during their time at the elementary school, but later in life as well. That’s why the administrative staff chose to be a Leader in Me school. “It helps to build responsibility in our students, giving them skills to take to adulthood,” said Power Principal Allyson Robinson. And their efforts are working. For fellow fifth-grader Suzanne Kwasniewicz, being proactive means “having a good attitude and making sure you are determined.”

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Brookhill establishes ‘7 Habits’ clubs

Oct 5, 2015

The News Courier

ATHENS, AL — Brookhill Elementary has created seven clubs based on each of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids where they focus on all aspects of the specific habit. One of the clubs is called the Salt of the Earth Club, which helps students strengthen their synergy techniques. Read about what students are doing in the other six clubs.

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What’s Right With Our Schools: Leader in Me

Oct 5, 2015


MACON, GA — Sonny Carter Elementary School students are applying The 7 Habits of Happy Kids at school and home and their families are noticing. Glenda Earwood-Smith, a grandmother of a Sonny Carter student, knew her grandson started applying Leader in Me concepts to his daily life when he chose to complete his homework before playing with a new toy.

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National school philosophy takes shape at Hamilton-Parsons

Oct 2, 2015

Source Newspapers

UTICA, MI — After a summer of teacher training, the staff at Hamilton-Parsons Elementary are ready to teach the 21st century leadership skills of The Leader in Me to their students. Deanna Beadle, a kindergarten teacher, said, “I think these habits are going to provide very young ones with the tools they need to succeed in and out of the classroom.” Everyone is optimistic about the impact on students.

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New Central School program teaches leadership skills

Oct 1, 2015

Chillicothe News

CHILLICOTHE, MO — Inspired by The Leader in Me, teachers Ellen Gott and Amy Taylor got together and came up with a plan to teach students the importance of leadership and team work. The result; Central School created 15 different committees, each with a unique purpose such as Spirit and Team Building. These teams allow students to use their gifts and talents and get them excited about leadership learning.

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Art incorporates the 7 Habits

Sep 26, 2015

Review Times

FOSTORIA, OH — Murals depicting Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits were added in Fostoria City Schools’ three elementary buildings over the summer to remind students of the habits every day. Read more about the changes that have the students excited to learn.

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Tree mural celebrates leadership at Edmonson Elementary

Sep 22, 2015

C&G News

MADISON HEIGHTS, MI — Edmonson Elementary’s new tree mural creatively displays The 7 Habits of Happy Kids in celebration of The Leader in Me coming to their school. They received their grant in June and are excited to start teaching the students how they can implement these 21st-century skills.

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Mrs. Oden’s Class of “Leaders in Me”

Sep 10, 2015

The Chandler and Brownsboro Statesman

CHANDLER, TX — Fourth grade students in Mrs. Susie Oden’s science class have daily roles and show that working together as a team is important. They planted a few new plants in front of the school and showcased proactive, responsible behavior from their Leader in Me process. “Throughout the year students learn all the seven habits. It’s awesome to see these students use these in the classroom and even at home!” said Mrs. Oden.

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KLC to start ‘Leader in Me’ program

Sep 1, 2015

Highlands Today

SEBRING, FL – The Kindergarten Learning Center began teacher training for The Leader in Me process to promote social emotional learning. “The teachers are in the mode of helping children think about these life skills; Leader in Me simply puts it together in one program so that there are stories and curriculum that can be used in an organized way,” Principal Julie Barnett said.

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Bucyrus school adopts leadership program

Sep 1, 2015

Galion Inquirer

GALION, OH — After three days of teacher training at Bucyrus Elementary, they are ready to impart their knowledge of The Leader in Me to their students. Through The Leader in Me program, students will learn 21st-century skills such as being self-reliant and taking initiative.

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Local officials seeking budding community leaders

Aug 28, 2015

My Informs

BUCYRUS, OH – To shepherd large civic projects from the dream stage to, potentially, reality, takes leaders, whether they’re volunteers or people who took the trouble to get elected to local office. The Crawford County community is all coming together to help develop young leaders. Businesses donated money to help fund The Leader in Me process at local elementary schools, hopeful that the students can develop the 21st century skills, soft skills, the community needs to succeed.

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Wagoner school program helping shape future leaders

Aug 24, 2015

Wagoner Tribune

WAGONER, OK – Teague Elementary School students are learning 21st century skills, giving them professional development at a young age, and promoting a school culture that is self-disciplined and requires less classroom management. All this is happening using The Leader in Me process, “It’s a way to help make the kids self-reliant,” third grade language arts teacher Shanna Rodriguez said.

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Painted pencils a big hit at Avery’s Creek Elementary

Aug 19, 2015


ASHEVILLE, NC – The entrance to the school at Avery’s Creek Elementary is a little different than last year. Instead of boring columns holding up the school’s breezeway, brightly painted pencils are holding the roof up. It grew out of a leadership initiative based on the book The Leader in Me. "We were talking about how to change the appearance of the school to make it more child friendly," Ernest Wince, who has been teaching art at the school for 13 years, said. "We want people to feel welcome. We want them to feel warm."

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Putnam expanding student leadership program

Aug 19, 2015

Charleston Gazette Mail

CHARLESTON, WV – For the first seven weeks of school, Principal Debbie Shrewsbury said her students at Poca Middle will focus on one good habit per week. The county’s assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction Doug Cross noted The Leader in Me emphasizes “soft skills,” like communication and work ethic, that are important to employers.

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