After Waves Of Reform, Nashville Schools Go Back To Basics — Teaching Kids To Build Relationships

Sep 8, 2016

Nashville Public Radio

NASHVILLE, TN – Every school in metro Nashville has a social-emotional learning program this year, Fall-Hamilton Elementary has chosen The Leader in Me to help their students build relationships, learn leadership skills and create a positive, prevailing culture. Already teachers are seeing a change in their students behaviors and attitudes.

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Priceville contributes to elementary school leaders

Sep 8, 2016

Hartselle Enquirer

PRICEVILLE, AL – Priceville Elementary Principal Tanya McCain proudly accepted a donation from the town council that will help her school continue The Leader in Me process, something that has profoundly shaped Priceville Elementary. Priceville became a Leader in Me Lighthouse school in 2013 and continues to implement the culture and leadership skills presented through the process.

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Liberty, Bailly are leaders

Sep 7, 2016

The Times

CHESTERTON, IN – Principals Kevin Zack and Christy Jarka were looking for a shift inside their school, they’ve found an engine for that shift with The Leader in Me. After a pilot year in 2015, Bailly and Liberty Elementary Schools are rolling out The Leader in Me to their entire staff, faculty and student populations. Read what their students and staff members are saying as they start to see their paradigms shift.

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Heritage’s ‘Leader in Me’ helps MARF

Sep 5, 2016

The Madison County Record

MADISON, AL – Students at Heritage Elementary are putting their leadership skills to use within their community. As a class project, Madison students, alongside the Madison Animal Rescue Foundation, are collecting shoes that will be sold to a company which cleans and distributes them to third-world countries. Using the leadership and goal setting skills they’ve learned through The Leader in Me, students have been able to give back to their community.

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Murfresboro's Newell named Principal of the Year finalist

Sep 1, 2016

Daily News Journal

MURFRESBORO, TN – Mitchell-Nielson School Principal Robin Newell was recently named a finalist for Principal of the Year for her efforts to develop the “whole-child” and her outstanding service in education. Through the use of The Leader in Me and driven by Newell’s vision for her school, Mitchell-Nielson has built a strong culture of leadership among its staff and students.

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Student leaders are the focus at LHMS

Aug 30, 2016

The Logan Daily News

LOGAN, OH – Logan-Hocking Middle School is using The Leader in Me to set weekly attendance goals, that mindset extends to the students with a LEAD folder. LEAD folder help students set personal goals and provides strategies to accomplish those goals. In addition to LEAD folders, Logan-Hocking Middle is using The Leader in Me to inspire other initiatives to help bring out the student leadership in the school and community.

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Julia Styers focused on education innovation with Newton-Conover City Schools

Aug 30, 2016

Hickory Daily Record

NEWTON, NC – Julia Styers has spent a career shaping and innovating education in Newton-Conover City Schools. Even as she wraps up her career, her passion continues to burn and working with The Leader in Me fits right in with her vision; Every student has genius. “It’s our job in education to figure out what that genius is and to build upon it, allowing every student to develop their strengths,” Styers said.

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E.A. Cox culture on the upswing

Aug 30, 2016

Columbia Daily Record

COLUMBIA, TN – E.A. Cox Middle School was slowly spiraling into complete chaos. Staff members were quitting on the spot, the school was on lockdown more than once, and students were fighting regularly. The environment was toxic. But, with a shift in administration, some logistical changes and the implementation of The Leader in Me, E.A. Cox is experiencing a remarkable turnaround.

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Glenn Marshall students embrace leadership

Aug 26, 2016

The Richmond Register

RICHMOND, KY – Glenn Marshall Elementary is pioneering The Leader in Me within their district and the students and staff are anxiously engaged as the new school year gets underway. Students are assuming leadership roles and staff members are providing simple guidance and direction. Glenn Marshall principal Abby White said, “We try to have lots of traditions at the school so the students feel as if they are part of a strong community and The Leader in Me program is just one aspect of that.”

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‘Leader in Me’ Longbranch Elementary determined to break down silos, engage parents in child’s school

Aug 25, 2016

Northern Kentucky Tribune

UNION, KY – Longbranch Elementary is on a mission to engage parents on a new level and they are using The Leader in Me to help. Along with other guides and processes, Longbranch is implementing The Leader in Me to help forge a new alliance with the parents and break down the barriers between school and home.

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Program helping students, teachers excel

Aug 24, 2016

My Journal Courier

JACKSONVILLE, IL – Washington Elementary School is pioneering The Leader in Me process in Jacksonville’s District 117 this year. And teachers are already seeing a change early in the school year. Read about students getting to class on time, more so than usual, and how students are experiencing a new level of motivation in the new school year.

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Principals attend Leader In Me academy

Aug 23, 2016

The Logan Daily News

LOGAN, OH – Two principals in Logan, Ohio attended a two-day conference led by Principal Muriel Summers, original developer of The Leader in Me, in preparation for the coming school year and their further implementation of The Leader in Me. Principals in attendance were able to network with one another and exchange ideas on curriculum, goal setting and student leadership inside their schools.

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Students learn from ‘Leader in Me’ program

Aug 22, 2016

The Jackson Sun

JACKSON, TN – Staff and students in and around Jackson are gearing up for the new school year and are being introduced to The Leader in Me. The process is still being rolled out and teachers are determining how it will best fit inside their schools. Isaac Lane Elementary Principal Janet Gore said, “This is positive. This is going to be great.”

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'Leader in Me' co-author visits Marion

Aug 22, 2016

The Marion Star

MARION, OH – Principal Muriel Summers, original developer of The Leader in Me, spoke to a group of educators from Marion City Schools as they prepared to head back to the classroom. Her message – “Everyone has a story, listen to it before you judge”. Summers related experiences from her years as an elementary student as well as stories about accomplished authors and directors who overcame challenges on a path to excel.

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RI elementary lives out 'highly successful habits'

Aug 19, 2016

Quad-City Times

ROCK ISLAND, IL – As part of LEAD Friday’s at Eugene Field Elementary School, students are leading their own learning and experiences. Using The Leader in Me as a spark, Principal Dennis Weiss devised LEAD Friday’s as a way to keep students organized and learn how to plan. This has created a strong culture in the school and the students in various grade levels are able to get to know each other.

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New Cedar Valley teachers welcomed at 'Leader' funding kickoff

Aug 19, 2016

WCF Courier

CEDAR FALLS, IA – Students and community leaders in Cedar Falls recognized 120 new teachers at an annual breakfast meeting held in conjunction with The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance and Chamber. The event honored these new teachers and kicked off a fundraising effort aimed at expanding The Leader in Me to all Cedar Valley schools.

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Hannibal's new teachers have first day excitement, too

Aug 18, 2016

Hannibal Courier Post

HANNIBAL, MO – As Mark Twain Elementary School kicked back into session, a new staff member was pleasantly surprised by the preparedness and welcome she received from her new students as they demonstrated some of the many skills they’ve learned through The Leader in Me process.

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Second grader wins "Leader in Me" speech

Aug 11, 2016


LAFAYETTE, LA – Read about Zhoriél Tapo and her outstanding speech which she submitted to win The Leader in speech contest and what she did with her winnings that exemplified her leadership skills.

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Aug 8, 2016

Lebanon Daily Record

LEBANON, MO – Staff at Boswell Elementary are seeing a difference between the Leader in Me and other things they have tried in the past. That difference being that The Leader in Me isn’t about compliance but about commitment. Read how the staff learned about The Leader in Me and how their new process has been going to this point.

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Aug 4, 2016

Banner-Tribune Daily Review

PATTERSON, LA – Staff at Hattie Watts Elementary did a little redecorating this summer. Through ingenuity, hard work and a commitment to their students, staff members dedicated a month of their summer to redecorating their school cafeteria. By capturing the vision and intent of The Leader in Me process in their school, staff members were able to create a place of comfort and meaning for their students.

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