Bulletin Boards That Teach

By Admin Account,  Dec 10, 2009

One way to seamlessly weave The Leader in Me into your teaching is to take advantage of the instructional strategies you already employ. For example, you create bulletin boards. Dedicate one or more as a teaching bulletin board for the 7 Habits®.

Think about a challenge your students have, such as knowing when and when not to interrupt. Habit 3 can help teach them to distinguish between activities that are of big-rock importance and those that are of small-rock importance. Write a few important and urgent (e.g., someone gets sick) as well as a few important but not urgent (e.g., teacher working with a small group) activities on big rock cutouts. Lead students to think about why these activities are “first things” and ask them to suggest others to add to additional big-rock cutouts. Write a few activities that would not normally warrant an interruption (e.g., a lost pencil, a question someone besides the teacher could answer)  on small-rock cutouts. Lead students to think about why these could either wait or be handled in some other way and ask them for additional activities to write on small rocks.

Referring to this display frequently will help students know to use it as a reference for helping them make “first things first” decisions.

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