PSKD Mandiri Achieves Lighthouse Status

By Sarah Noble,  Nov 21, 2011

PSKD Mandiri was the first school in Indonesia to implement The Leader in Me process beginning in 2009, and is proud to be the very first school outside North America to achieve Lighthouse Status!

An incredible entryway mural of a Mercusuar, or Lighthouse, made of colorful “batik” fabrics and patterns, captures the essence of PSKD Mandiri, their approach to teaching and learning, and their national pride.

The tree on the very left of the mural embodies the 21st Century skills, while the seven-branched tree is a representation of the 7 Habits. The intertwined roots of the two trees represent the 18 national characteristics PSKD nurtures in the students. The boulders are made from the batik uniforms worn daily by the students (“batik” fabric is a true Indonesian heritage), and represent the school’s fundamental values of integrity; respect for self, others, and the environment; and lifelong learning.

Across the lighthouse are the school’s teaching and learning approaches. The beams of light represent the school’s vision of national character, effective leaders, and universal values. Within the “batik paddy fields” are teachers’ and staff’s personal mission statements in helping the school continue to push forward and become a model school for others.

PSKD Mandiri is a nondenominational pre-K to 12 national school situated in central Jakarta. Mandiri literally means “independent.” With the melting pot of culture dominating today's era of globalization, PSKD Mandiri has been striving to create an Indonesian school model that enables students to learn how to both live and cope with complexity and diversity. Executive Director Tya Adhitama explains that the school delivers the national curriculum but also offers an integrated inquiry-based learning approach that allows students to develop their holistic understanding of learning and real-life experiences and unearth their potential as thinkers, communicators, and risk takers.

The school believes that the best way of teaching is by living by example, and the role of teachers is thus very significant in both delivering the knowledge and being role models for students. “For that reason, we host educators from overseas like the United States and Australia to share their expertise and pedagogy with our teachers here.” Tya said. “Also, we regularly hold Weekly Teachers’ Workshops as a means of upgrading their skills and competencies.”

According to Tya, a great school should conduct two-way interactive learning and teaching approach in every class. She cites PSKD Mandiri as a fun, interactive learning atmosphere where students actively develop their self-awareness, teamwork, interpersonal skills, problem solving, and critical and creative thinking through the use of a common language and leadership principles.

Highlights of PSKD:

  • Learning is focused on students with teachers as facilitators encouraging and involving students in an active learning environment.
  • Students develop self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and goal-setting abilities for personal development to accommodate a continually changing knowledge base.
  • Students develop habits of accessing information from numerous sources: teachers, books, Internet, peers, print media, fieldtrips, and class discussion.
  • Students develop a love for learning through critical and creative thinking as well as problem solving.
  • There is a true infusion of the 7 Habits and leadership principles into the core curriculum.

As an old quote goes: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

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