“The 7 Habits are ingrained in everything we do.”

By Admin Account,  Jun 10, 2011

CAMP Gator (Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program) pairs athletes and non-athlete student leaders from the University of Florida with at-risk elementary and middle-school boys and girls. Many of the mentees have discipline issues, high absentee rates, and below average academic achievement. Collegiate student mentors are trained in the 7 Habits while enhancing their leadership, public speaking, and goal-setting skills. When these leaders mentor a child in these same areas, it results in a win-win relationship.

Data from 2008-2009 (CAMP Gator’s first year of existence) showed a 13% increase in GPA, 22% increase in attendance, and a 72% decrease in suspensions for mentees, as well as increased public speaking abilities, goal setting and leadership skills for the mentors (Ohlson, 2009). CAMP Gator has been recognized by the Daily Point of Light Foundation, Learn and Serve America, National Alliance of Mentoring, and has received the 2009 City of Gainesville "Work of Heart" Collegiate Service Award.

Technology now allows us to expand this mentoring program beyond our geographic area. The ultimate goal is a partnership between the University of Florida, FranklinCovey, and other universities throughout the country. The sky is the limit!

Dr. Matthew Ohlson, Director CAMP Gator
University of Florida

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