Leadership for Kids

By Admin Account,  Jun 07, 2011

At Brentwood School of Business and Leadership, we have experienced some dramatic results in our first year with The Leader in Me. Suspensions at the elementary school have dropped 69% from a year ago, fourth- through sixth-graders are running an active junior chamber of commerce and every student is responsible for a leadership position—from lead gardener to student greeter. What we’re finding is the kids are developing their own leadership roles and it’s helping to change our paradigms about leadership for kids.

Victor Elementary School Board member Karen Morgan said she was wowed by the students at her table during a recent Thursday morning breakfast. “I just sat with kids from the fourth grade who before this probably wouldn’t have known how to talk to me and they were introducing themselves with a handshake and eye contact. For them to know these skills at this age, they are so far ahead.”

One student at the school summarized the results of the leadership program. “It’s helping us to grow up, like, responsibly. It helps us respect people.”

Minda Stackelhouse, Principal
Brentwood School of Business & Leadership, CA
The Leader in Me Lighthouse School

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