I Believe in You

By Judy Yauch,  Dec 12, 2013

On a recent visit to Daviess Middle School in Kentucky, I was amazed by the environmental changes the teachers had made. Being empowered to "own" their classroom, creativity was unleashed. The attached picture is a poster I saw in one classroom. Although I would like to share all the pictures I took that day, this one really stuck with me. I can't help wonder what seeing this everyday might mea...

Vista Elementary Embraces Student Leadership

By Judy Yauch,  Dec 03, 2013

Recently students at Vista Elementary, UT welcomed visitors with a world class tour of their school pointing out the leadership happenings everywhere. Everyone had an amazing day! The students then visited the capitol the next morning and held a leadership breakfast for legislators.

Truly an unforgettable experience for students, myself, Sean Covey, and Joshua Covey .

Corbin White, Client Partner...

Sugarloaf Elementary in Hendersonville, NC makes the news!

By Jonathan Catherman,  Nov 19, 2013

Check it out:
Jonathan Catherman, Senior Delivery Consultant
FranklinCovey Education


By June Kletzel,  Nov 08, 2013

Leadership… the elusive, much talked about trait that few possess and only a handful master. What is it all about? I, for one, am fascinated by the term, the trait, the process and the theory of it all.
What makes some take the lead, move forward with creative initiatives, take risks and vow to make a difference? The death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver reminded me once again of how little time we h...

Oregon State University Features The Leader in Me

By Judy Yauch,  Oct 30, 2013

Check out the Oregon State University website! They have posted an article that highlights The Leader in Me. How very exciting to be featured on their site!
Connley Skeen, Leader in Me Coach
FranklinCovey Education

Global Synergy

By Judy Yauch,  Oct 23, 2013

This was recently shared with me and I wanted to pass it along.

A Leader in Me Middle School in Brooklyn, IS 136 Charles O'Dewey, is planning a learning experience abroad for 10 adults and 25 students. While on their trip in Mexico, they are planning to connect with FranklinCovey Mexico and make a stop at a Leader In Me School in Mexico. What a great example of global synergy!

What kind of butterflies will they become?

By Eric Stenlake,  Oct 14, 2013

The third grade teachers will tell you that my class this year is...how shall I say it…a bit rough around the edges. Ok... not a bit. We're not talking rough, we're talking jagged, maybe even super-pointy. To give you a picture, last week 18 of my 27 kids didn't turn in assignments and two-thirds of my class did not earn Fun Friday. This was the second or third week in a row that this was the c...

What an Entrance!

By Steve Yauch,  Oct 07, 2013

Attached is a picture of the new entrance at Erie Elementary in the Chippewa Valley School District, MI . Impressive!

Steve Yauch, Client Partner

FranklinCovey Education


Congratulations to Fair Oaks Elementary!

By Judy Yauch,  Oct 07, 2013

Fair Oaks Elementary School, in Marietta, Georgia, is a Leader in Me School that was recently recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School. Fair Oaks Elementary serves approximately 850 students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. Ninety-eight percent of the students participate in the free/reduced-price meal program. At Fair Oaks, every child demonstrates a genuine desire to learn in an envi...

What have you learned from The Leader in Me website?

By Chad Smith,  Sep 25, 2013

Kinard Elementary in Clover, SC found a great video on www.theleaderinmeonline.org and used it to kick off their year by writing Personal Mission Statements and Classroom Mission Statements. Check out the attachment.

Great job, Kinard Leaders!

Chad Smith, Client Partner

FranklinCovey Education


Welcome Back

By Judy Yauch,  Sep 03, 2013

The following is an excerpt from Sean Covey’s August 2012 newsletter. There are so many great ideas to continue the excitement of The Leader in Me in your school that it is worth repeating.

Each new school year brings the hope of continuous improvement. With this in mind, I would strongly encourage you to take the needed time to re-energize students, staff, and parents around The Leader in Me as...

Leadership Roles for Special Needs Students

By Judy Yauch,  Aug 23, 2013

We've had a request from the field that would be best answered by schools implementing The Leader in Me. The question is: What have you found to be helpful when assigning special needs students leadership roles?

There is a wealth of knowledge out there so we're hoping you will use this platform to share!

Schoolwide WIG Display

By Judy Yauch,  Aug 20, 2013

Love that this schoolwide WIG display greets students, staff, and visitors every day when entering the front door. Only one of the reasons Hurricane Town Elementary recently reached Lighthouse Status.
 “This is the school that Hurricane Town built. Hand in Hand. Together we Can!”

Inspiration for the new school year

By Judy Yauch,  Aug 14, 2013

The Principle of Synergy
“Every child is a 3rd Alternative, a distinctive human being endowed with capabilities that have never existed before and will never be duplicated. Those capabilities cannot be predicted by adding up the capabilities of the parents. The particular combination of human endowments in that child is unique in the universe, and the creative potential of the child is exponenti...

Leadership Pledge

By Judy Yauch,  Aug 06, 2013

This is the Indian Creek Leadership Pledge. Another example of community sharing at www.theleaderinmeonline.org!

Listen With Your Heart

By Judy Yauch,  Jul 23, 2013

During the summer break, I thought I would peruse the Community on the new website www.theleaderinmeonline.org. What I found is a wealth of information! Attached is one hallway mural idea to enhance your leadership environment next year. Enjoy your break!

Some of Dr. Stephen R. Covey's Favorite Quotations

By Judy Yauch,  Jul 09, 2013

"Habits are like a cable: We weave a strand of it every day and soon it cannot be broken."  Horace Mann

"Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be."  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."  Aristotle

"Plans are worthless; but planning is invaluabl...

Great Bulletin Board Idea

By Judy Yauch,  Jun 20, 2013

I was recently looking around in the Community on The Leader in Me Online and I ran across a post by Candi Hatfield, Hurricane Town Elementary.
Hurricane Town Elementary was just named a Lighthouse School so I was curious to see what they posted.
I love this bulletin board! All of the kids participated by tearing paper to make the fish. What a perfect example of synergy.
Great job, Hurricane To...

Meadowthorpe Elementary Shares Impact

By Nolan Marx,  Jun 14, 2013

On the cusp of summer break, Meadowthorpe Elementary threw open its doors for more than 130 guests to see how “The Leader in Me” school looks, feels and acts.
“ ‘Great happens here.’ My kids know it. ‘Great’ happens inside each one of them,” Principal Joel Katte said in closing out the May 20 Leadership Day. “You give them the label ‘leader’ and they are. The ‘Leader in Me’ lives inside each of...

Lighthouse Announcement in the News

By Judy Yauch,  Jun 05, 2013

McLees Academy of Leadership in Anderson, SC officially celebrated achieving Lighthouse Status on 5.17.2013 in a very unique way.
Connley Skeen, Leader in Me Coach
FranklinCovey Education

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